Internet Communications

Internet Communications

Can your business survive without the Internet now?
An Internet connection is now an essential part of the “plumbing” required to run an effective Small Business. Cynergic provide Internet Connectivity in the form of SHDSL, Ethernet, ADSL, ADSL2+, Fibre, ISDN and Wireless.
We know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” hence we provide the full range of Broadband products that you can depend on to consistently supply fast, reliable access. We can assist in determining which technology is best suited to your organisation, simply call us.

Business ADSL and ADSL2

ADSL is now the standard for most businesses. As ADSL is transmitted on your normal phone line, you can use the telephone (or fax machine) and be using the Internet at the same time.
  • Save on costs – By using existing telephone lines there is no need to invest in new, expensive infrastructure. You save further by using one line for both your voice and data services. Cynergic offers your business competitive call rates and savings
  • A Network that you can rely on – Have peace of mind by being with a Tier 1 Grade Network that is technically advanced and fully supported
  • Dedicated support – At Cynergic we are committed to provide high service levels ensuring we use upstream service providers that are on call 24/7. And by using advanced systems that proactively monitors the network; we ensure that you can get on with doing business!
  • Flexible Data Packages – Data is not just Internet access. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) can also be used in conjunction with your ADSL connection. You can now be connected to the office when you’re not physically there!


What is Ethernet ? Ethernet is a dedicated line similar product to ADSL2 when delivered over traditional phone lines, however it can be delivered by Fibre if available in your particular area.
Utilise your Internet connections with the synchronous speed Ethernet offers. Allow more incoming connections from remote offsite users as well as faster upload speeds for sending data such as email and files.
Common uses our clients use Ethernet for are:
  • Head Office to Data Centre Terminal Servers and VPN connections
  • Satellite Office to Head Office Terminal Servers and VPN connections
  • Head Office to Data Centre Offsite Backup services
  • Large file transfer business requirements such as Media or Print houses
  • Offsite staff accessing information from Head Office
  • Co-location of client servers in-house

Fibre and Dark Fibre

The cost of Fibre installation and traffic plans has reduced significantly in the last 5 years. The introduction of the ‘tech-boom’ and the infrastructure that it created has allowed Fibre to become an affordable communications tool for large business.
Fibre communications are:
  • Scalable – Fibre connections start at 1.5Mbps and scale up to 1Gbps. Once a fibre connection is established there is no need to change connection types in the future
  • Reliable – Fibre connections use light to transfer data, therefore they are not subject to electrical interference. This translates to maximum reliability for your network
  • Flexible – Fibre connections can be either point-to-point (e.g. a direct connection between two offices – where all traffic is free) or from your office to Cynergic (e.g. to provide you with Internet connectivity)

Dark Fiber

The term ‘Dark Fibre’ describes a Fibre Optic connection or cable that does not have any equipment connected to it. i.e. it is not ‘lit’. Dark Fibre networks were extensively rolled out in the Tech Boom of the 90’s. These networks were destined to bring High Speed communications to Enterprise corporations and the masses. Unfortunately the bubble burst and left behind massive amounts of infrastructure that is still unused. This provides Enterprise organisations with a fast and scalable solution for Inter and Intra-state communications. We are quickly able to determine if your site is capable of having a Dark Fibre service enabled for your use.
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