Fibre Connectivity

The cost of Fibre installation and traffic plans has reduced significantly in the last 5 years. The introduction of the ‘tech-boom’ and the infrastructure that it created has allowed Fibre to become an affordable communications tool for large business.
Fibre communications are:
  • Scalable – Fibre connections start at 1.5Mbps and scale up to 1Gbps. Once a fibre connection is established there is no need to change connection types in the future
  • Reliable – Fibre connections use light to transfer data, therefore they are not subject to electrical interference. This translates to maximum reliability for your network
  • Flexible – Fibre connections can be either point-to-point (e.g. a direct connection between two offices – where all traffic is free) or from your office to Cynergic (e.g. to provide you with Internet connectivity)
All Cynergic Fibre services are provided with a Business Grade Cisco Router along with the required Fibre network equipment. We also recommend the use of an inexpensive ADSL2 or Wireless 3G backup link where available.
Download Quota (GB)
Traffic (download quota) included!
Onsite Installation
Metro Areas only
Cisco Router
Metro Areas only
Cisco Ethernet Modem
Included in Setup Fee
Router Setup
Configured to your specifications
Premium Internet Support
Phone/Remote Support – all areas*
Redundant ADSL2 / 3G Link
.com, .net, or***
heatShield Firewall
Zimbra Hosted Email Included
Free Website Hosting 1GB
Includes CPanel, MySQL, PHP
Static IP
Allowing easy Remote Access
* Resolution over the phone where possible and Internet when available ** Only available to Ethernet Circuit clients *** Includes first two years of registration and setup only ! Excess charged at $1.25 per GB ^ Installation does not include additional cabling to the building from the street due to the lack thereof or any other unforeseen required installation requirements.

Dark Fibre

The term ‘Dark Fibre’ describes a Fibre Optic connection or cable that does not have any equipment connected to it. i.e. it is not ‘lit’. Dark Fibre networks were extensively rolled out in the Tech Boom of the 90’s. These networks were destined to bring High Speed communications to Enterprise corporations and the masses. Unfortunately the bubble burst and left behind massive amounts of infrastructure that is still unused. This provides Enterprise organisations with a fast and scalable solution for Inter and Intra-state communications. We are quickly able to determine if your site is capable of having a Dark Fibre service enabled for your use.
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