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Cynergic have partnered with Asigra to offer our customers the very best in a “Cloud Ready, Cloud Secure” solution. The Cynergic Cloud Backup service (powered by Asigra) is designed to offer backup efficiencies unavailable with traditional backup architecture by allowing you to capture less, ingest less, and store less data — reducing the amount of backup assets you buy, manage and maintain.
Data backup is a thankless job and is often associated with high failure rate. Few IT Pros acknowledge any knowledge or experience in data protection and rarely volunteer for the job. Due to the routine nature of data backup, it is easy to forget the main reason for doing it.
Backing up data is a means to an end.

The focus of data protection should be on data recovery, not data backup.

Asigra has over 20 years of experience which provides us with the knowledge to develop the best practices around data stewardship to ensure data restorability if a customer loses a file, disk, machine or the entire facility.
Cynergic offers a turnkey solution for:
  • Data duplication
  • Archiving of old data
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Compression and encryption
  • Local and off-site backup
  • Laptop, Tablet and Mobile protection
  • Support for heterogeneous environments
We offer an end-to-end data protection solution to protect servers, desktops, laptops, structured and unstructured applications and raw files residing on the LAN as well as laptops in the field. Our solution supports Public, Private and Hybrid cloud environments. The software components can run and reside in physical or virtual environments and can backup / restore physical, virtual, or a mix of physical and virtual environments. You can leverage the Cloud Backup and Recovery (BUR) technology as a software or Software as a Service (SaaS) to optimise, economise and modernise your backup infrastructure.
Our Cloud Backup is a holistic data management solution that encompasses traditional and innovative technologies in a single code base and common platform, protecting everything from laptops to data centers. • Eliminate the need to manage multiple point solutions. Single turnkey software to install, manage and upgrade, eliminating the need to manage numerous point solutions to ensure your data is protected and easy to recover. The software even self-upgrades, so there is no time-consuming and resource-intensive pushing of agents or updates out to hundreds or thousands of remote-sites, servers and applications.
  • Minimise downtime with our agentless advantage. The agentless architecture assures that you experience no application disruption or downtime for implementation or upgrades; no security risk because of the open port in the firewall for the agent(s) that can be hacked; and no server resources (CPU cycles, RAM, etc.) being wasted for agent software.
  • Recover your data quickly and successfully. Backup is the means to an end but not the end. The only reason for data backup is to be able to recover data in case of a disaster (loss of a file, disk, machine or the entire facility). The data has to be conditioned constantly to ensure restorability.
The worst time to find out that you cannot recover your data is when you need to recover the data. Asigra offers lower Recovery Time Objectives (RPOs) and improved Recovery Point Objectives using an autonomic healing and restore validation functionality, providing an automated method to constantly monitor and repair backup files before data corruption becomes a serious issue. Protect critical information on a 24×7 basis, automatically keeping data in a valid state and ensuring top readiness for any restore operation.

The Cloud Backup is comprised of three main components:

  1. DS-Client: Installed at the end customer’s premises to collect data from all servers, desktops, laptops, structured applications and raw/unstructured files that need protection. The DS-Client is the data collector.
  2. DS-Mobile: Installed on the end customer’s laptop to collect data from laptops that need protection.
  3. DS-System: Installed at the off-site data center, or core of the cloud, where the protected data resides. The DS-System is the data aggregator.
This one-to-many architecture (one DS-System serving many DS-Clients) enables us to support additional backup loads from multiple operating systems, servers, databases, applications and storage environments.
The Cloud solution requires no agents which makes it inherently easier to install and support than legacy backup and recovery solutions.
Backup and recovery software typically requires agents that are installed on host servers that a system administrator wants to back up. Even in a modest-sized environment, agent management can get extremely complex when an administrator is forced to deal with different operating systems and revision levels. The complexity of agent management is further complicated by the growing number of software packages that also require agents running on the same host servers, known as “agent pollution”.
If you are an IT constrained organisation, are searching for assistance with compliance mandates, and are looking to improve your backup with a secure, reliable and predictable data protection cloud backup model, Cynergic will transform the way you manage and protect your data by delivering market-leading cloud backup solutions that seamlessly and efficiently manage, scale and deliver data protection services.
Quota (GB)
Disk space included
Secure Storage
Encrypted onsite then transferred to the cloud
Customised Schedule
Customise your Backup times
Onsite Appliance
Onsite backup appliance for fast online restore
Offsite DR Replication
Backups synchronised to datacentre
Unlimited Clients
Install as many clients as required
Daily Backup Report
Emailed to required staff
Servers in Australia yes
Emailed to required staff
Agent Free Solution
No agents to be installed – anywhere
Premium Support
Unlimited Phone/Remote Support
Free Setup
Free setup of all software clients
No lock in contracts
Pay by the month
Offline Restore
Restore without an Internet connection*
Unlimited Phone/Remote Support
Additional Storage
Price Per GB. Additional Storage held in nearest Datacentre.
Setup Fee
Pay by the month

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